Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't Apply to More Than One Railroad at a Time!

This is a cautionary tale:  When my husband started applying for railroad work a couple of years ago, we enthusiastically filled out applications with several railroads.  Every railroad he applied with called to schedule an interview.  Eventually, he was hired by one of those roads.  One of those roads called to schedule after he was hired for the first railroad, so we thanked them graciously and declined to schedule the interview.  Well, guess what?  Now that my husband is furloughed and has been looking for work, he put in an application with that second railroad.  They automatically rejected him.  The first time this happened last year, we thought that perhaps they just had too many applicants.  But this time, he applied as soon as the opening was posted.  He is absolutely qualified, yet he was rejected instantly by email.  We think he was blacklisted from that railroad simply because he declined to interview with them the last time they called.  Lesson learned:  Apply for railroads ONE AT A TIME.   You want to stay on their good side.   

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