Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Got Furloughed

My husband was out of town working when he got the call-- he's been furloughed. That's bitter news for us, since we were looking forward to the insurance. It was not a surprise however. We knew it was coming. My husband is worried that the recession might last long enough to end his railroad career before it ever got started.


Steve said...

RR Wife,
Great blog! Question for you - do RR companies require employees to move around or can you have a career in the same spot?
Is your husband still furloughed?

Railroad Wife said...

My husband IS still furloughed. He's been moving up the furlough board, however, so we're starting to believe that he may be working again by October. To answer your other question: Some railroads do not require train service employees to move around, while others do require. Some railroads even state when they are hiring that once you are hired for a region, you are stuck with it, so you'd better be happy! Other railroads require people to move around regularly. I do know, however, that even major railroads that supposedly do not allow transfers, actually DO. Some people, for example, trade positions with other people. They have to work it out for themselves, and the supervisors have to agree to it. Not sure how it's done, but I have heard of it. My husband works for a RR that highly discourages transfers. We like where we are, though. I hope that helps. BTW: If you are thinking about working for the RR you have a great shot-- I see you are a military person. The RR loves to hire military people.