Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Hang Test- Prepare Early or Possibly Get Fired

A few weeks into my husband's conductor training, they were taken out into the freight yard and told to hang off the side of a car for several minutes. They had to alternate hands a couple of times during the test. Most people did fine, but a few failed. Those people got fired. One thing my husband noticed was that every single person who failed was obese. That makes sense, because they had more body weight to suspend. So if you are overweight and want to work for the railroad, either make sure that you have a strong upper body or lose weight to make the hanging less work for your upper body. It was a real shame to see those people go. My husband said that a couple of them were really good students and had a lot of enthusiasm. My husband's on the road right now, but when he gets back, I'll get the details of how this test was done and I will post them for you.

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